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Alexei Sultanov Foundation is about inspiration, love, and never giving up. The mission of the foundation is to provide financial, emotional and psychological support to musicians and other performing artists who are no longer able to perform and make a living due to severe illness or injury.


Alexei Sultanov Foundation will encourage families who are facing such monumental challenges to never give up, never let go, and to stand by their loved ones, providing compassionate support and care during devastating times. That is what love is all about. When you say "I do," you are making a life-long commitment - together through both good times and bad.



Alexei inspired so many people in his 35 years. When he was well, his brilliant talent for performing was applauded by millions, and his own fierce dedication inspired others to devote themselves to a pursuit of excellence in performance. In the last two years of his life, Alexei sat in his wheelchair, paralyzed on the left side. Despite his physical impairment, Alexei began performing again, with his right hand only - at colleges, nursing homes, hospitals, offices and churches. People were amazed and inspired by Alexei's determination to keep going, no matter what, never giving up. Alexei's greatest joy was found in performing for people and in encouraging and inspiring them.



Alexei Sultanov Foundation will provide scholarships for gifted young pianists who are in need of financial assistance in order to continue their musical studies. Like Alexei himself, the foundation will encourage people to chase their dreams, and inspire people to achieve great things. As Alexei showed us in life, anything is possible if you give yourself fully to achieving your goals. Never give up!



The spirit of Alexei - a colorful fountain in Fort Worth with water splashing eternally to the accompaniment of Alexei's beautiful music - will represent inspiration, strength and courage. Alexei would be proud.


Alexei -  a comet that raced across this planet during his 35 years, touching the hearts and minds of everyone in his path. Like a comet's tail, the Alexei Sultanov Foundation will continue the dazzling influence of that very special human being.


The Alexei Sultanov Foundation is a  501(C)(3) foundation. Specific details about the foundation will be available soon.





















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