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May 22, 2002


Dear Fans and Friends of Alexei Sultanov:


Alexei continues receiving physical, occupational and speech therapy, but until now his progress has been quite limited because of frequent and painful muscle spasms that prevent him from being able to stand comfortably without support or move without assistance. His vision was also affected by the strokes and he cannot, therefore, move his eyes in a normal manner or see as clearly as he did before his illness.


Two month ago, he received a ventriculoperitoneal shunt (a tube connecting the open spaces within the brain to the abdominal cavity).


This was done to treat a condition called communicating hydrocephalus (abnormal build-up of water pressure in the head). Thankfully, the shunt appears to be working satisfactorily at this time.


Alexei will also require a Baclofen pump, which is a device designed to release special muscle relaxing medicine into his spinal canal to help control his painful spasms and the rigidity in his left arm and leg as well as his neck and back. Once he has gotten his Baclofen pump, we hope he will be more comfortable and be more able to walk and perform activities of daily living.


I must say, speaking now as Alexei's close friend as well as his neurologist, I afraid that the process of recovery for him is going to be very long one indeed.


Alexei, Dace and both of their families are so very grateful to you as always for your prayers, your kind words of encouragement, and your generous support. It is what helps to make all this bearable.


Best wishes to you all,

Dr. Edward L. Kramer



July 22, 2001


As you may know, Alexei has returned home from the hospital to continue on his long road to recovery. His many cats and pet Iguana, Caligula, were all happy to see him come home to them after so long a time away. But not nearly so happy as his wife, Dace.


Alexei continues to make slow, gradual progress. A surgery to correct a tight left Achilles tendon has helped restore a greater range of motion to his leg, resulting in some improvement in his ability to walk. A series of special muscle relaxing injections have also helped to decrease facial spasms that had been impairing his ability to speak, and he is now able to speak more clearly and with greater comfort. He has a good appetite and continues eating well. He works hard in therapy, which he receives daily for his speech, hand coordination and strength. He has also been getting swimming therapy, which he finds very enjoyable. Dace, her mother, Benita, and Alexei's father, Faizul, plan to remain in Fort Worth for the foreseeable future to continue helping with Alexei's care.


It is a very hard struggle that they all face. But, as always, they extend their best wishes to Alexei's fans and friends, and wish to thank everyone from the bottoms of their hearts for your many kind expressions of love and support. It means so much to them at such a difficult time.


There has been some talk about the possibility of a benefit concert to help the Sultanovs, but no specific plans have been made as yet. We promise to keep you informed of any such developments, and to keep you regularly updated on Alexei's medical condition.


God bless you all.

Edward L. Kramer, D.O.


4916 Camp Bowie Blvd./Suite 108
Fort Worth TX  76107



May 9, 2001


Alexei Sultanov continues to recover from his brain injury at Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation in Dallas, Texas. Over the past several weeks, he has shown marked improvement in his level of alertness and overall endurance. He continues to have difficulty moving his left arm, trunk, and leg due to hemi paresis (weakness) and spasticity (stiffness). He has undergone injections of botulinum toxin into the muscles of the left forearm and lower left leg to treat the spasticity with some improvement noted. He is also on medication orally for the spasticity, zanaflex, which is gradually being increased.  He is currently being evaluated by an orthopedic surgeon for possible lengthening of his left achilles tendon to help him in his ambulation. Alexei continues to focus on increasing his abilities to speak with clarity and good volume/ breath support.


Alexei now is taking all of his nutrition orally and his feeding tube into the abdomen has been removed and the stoma is closed. He particularly enjoys "health shakes" made by his family with fresh vegetables and fruits. With his family's assistance, he surprised and delighted his team of therapists, doctors, and nurses by preparing for them a wonderful meal of lamb, rice pilaf and flavourful vegetables. It was terrific!


Alexei has begun aquatic therapy in the pool at Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation. This is a particular joy for him. He also found the piano on the fourth floor of the hospital and with his right hand, astounded the staff with his incredible talent.


Alexei with the support of his devoted wife and father continues to work diligently in speech therapy, physical therapy, and occupational therapy. He is very motivated and shows his characteristic impeccable work ethic.


Mary Carlile, M.D.

Medical Director, Brain Injury Services Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation Dallas, Texas



March 25, 2001


Mr. Alexei Sultanov has continued to make steady improvement from his brain surgery and strokes which occurred on February 26th and 27th, 2001. He is now listed in good condition and was determined to be sufficiently improved this past week to permit transfer to the Baylor University Neurological Rehabilitation Hospital in Dallas, Texas.


It is anticipated that he will remain there for intensive rehabilitation for a period of six weeks to three months. After that, it is anticipated that he will return home to begin outpatient rehabilitation for several for months. Obviously, this year's concert schedule has been indefinitely suspended.


Throughout his ordeal, his wife Dace has been almost constantly at Alexei's side. The prayers and well-wishes of friends and fans continue to pour in from around the world, and are greatly appreciated by Alexei and Dace, who will need all the support possible during these very difficult times.


Those wishing to make financial contributions to the Alexei Sultanov Benefit Fund may do so at the address listed below. ( Alexei Sultanov Benefit Fund, Landmark Bank, 6000 Harris Parkway. Fort Worth, TX 76132 - Routing nb  : 111915657 - Account nb  : 36001154).


Mr. Sultanov's continued progress will be periodically updated at this website.


Medical update by:


Edward L. Kramer, D.O.


4916 Camp Bowie Blvd./Suite 108
Fort Worth TX  76107







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